The Vlachs: Metropolis and Diaspora
Studies on the Vlachs - 2nd vol.
hard cover 28x21 cm
516 pages, 15 colored maps
388 old black and white pictures
Zitros Publications, Thessaloniki 2003

Foreword by the Director Yannis Z. Drossos

Table of contents



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1. The Vlach metropolitan groups in 1769
2. The Vlach villages of the Pindos in 1900
3. The Kupatshari in 1912
4. Vlach villages and settlements in Thessaly (1996)
5. Vlach villages and settlements in western Greece (1996)
6. Vlach villages and settlements in central and southern Albania in 1900
7. The Vlach villages of Roumeli (Pouqueville, 1800–1810)
8. The diaspora of the Moschopolis Vlachs (1769–1830)
9. The Grammousta Vlachs in 1900
10. The Vlachs in the areas of Moschopolis, Grammos, and nw Macedonia in 1900