The set of old, black and white photographs which were collected during my researches and were used to enrich the publication of the Studies on the Vlachs, both in Greek and English, was donated to the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle Foundation in Thessaloniki, as a minimum gratitude for the help, and assistance I was offered during my effort getting to know the Vlachs better. These photographs come from various family archives, personal collections, collections of the many Vlach Cultural Associations throughout the country, collections of other museums and institutions, and even from publications of other scholars.

When known, the names of the persons photographed, the time and the location are to be found in detail in the captions as these appear in the publications. When possible, more information such as the source, and often the name of the original photography artist are also given.

Once again, I ought to express my thankfulness to everyone who helped me in order to gather this photographic material, and for the confidence they showed in me. Recognizing the fact that I am not the owner of this priceless heritage treasure I entrusted it, in my turn, to the Museum Foundation for better documentation and further research. It has, for many years now, become part of the museum’s digitized archives and it is available to scholars. Taking the liberty, I would like to express my desire and wish that this collection becomes the primary nucleus of broader, richer collection of photographs and other documentation in relation to the Vlachs. I strongly believe other researchers may discern in these photos hidden figures which I was unable to local and bring to the scientific surface. I kindly call them to study this collection farther and present us with new evidence.

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Asteriοs Koukoudis