Studies on the vlachs
by Asterios Koukoudis
THE VLACHS Metropolis and Diaspora

This is the first ever effort, in Greek publishing affairs, to present a book on the Vlachs in English.
It offers a new, fresh approach. It aims to help Greeks, living abroad, whether of Vlach origin or not, to understand their past, their roots. Even more, we hope it acts as a guide for the international readers, academics or simple lovers of history and anthropology.

This book seems to surface at the most appropriate time, when so much is argued on minority groups in the Balkans. It presents the history of the Vlachs far beyond the stereotyped conceptions.

The historic identity which the Vlachs themselves have formed, with all its diversity, is an integral, inseparable, but at the time a less known, and still precious part of Romiosyne, the Modern Greek identity.

Publisher: Zitros Publications
Writer : Asterios Koukoudis
Dimensions :
11.3 x 8.3 x 1.6 inches

Pages : 516, Photos : 388, Maps : 15

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