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The Vlach metropolitan groups in 1769 Ladies and gentlemen,

First of all allow me to thank you for your kind invitation to take part in the centenary proceedings of the Farcarotul Society. It is a great honour to travel so far to be with you, and a unique opportunity to present my views on the contemporary reality of the Vlachs of Greece.
I must, of course, make it clear that I am here tonight only to represent my own views and the results of my many years of research. I most certainly do not represent - and do not intend to present myself as a representative of – the Vlachs of Greece, and I say this in a spirit of respect for the Vlachs as a collective group.


The Life of the Vlachs at 1900

The Life of the Vlachs at 1900


Photographic collection
Asteriou Koukoudi

Photographic collection Asteriou Koukoudi



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